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SFR-system orienteering

Welcome to SFR punching system official website!

SFR-system is a reliable punching system designed for orienteering, rogaining and adventure racing.
SFR-system is finally approved by IOF for Foot-O events.


Base Unit SFR U7

Base unit U7 is a simple and reliable device. It is a battery powered microcomputer, which is located at the control points and records information into electronic cards. The unit is powered by a LiPo battery with an integrated wireless charging system. The unit case is sealed (IP68) and made of plasticized PVC, which has excellent shock absorption. Light weight, compact size and integrated fasteners simplify the installation at control points.

The unit can operate in several modes:

Passive mode is the most energy efficient. The unit is permanently in sleep mode, pressing a button causes a fast transition to working conditions. This mode is recommended for use on trainings at air temperatures above +5.
In active mode, the unit looks for a card permanently. This mode is preferable for use on competitions under any weather conditions, as well as on trainings at an air temperature of +5 or lower. Pressing the button in this mode is not required.
In both of the above modes, confirmation of a successful punching are the sound and light signals of the unit.
The beacon mode is used only with active cards and allows simultaneous recording of data for several participants. The working range in this mode is approximately 1.4 times higher than in the two above, and can be further increased by using an external amplifier. Punching speed is also higher (7 times). Confirmation signal is only on cards.

Brief datasheet:

FunctionsClearing, Start, Finish, Control point, Counter
Punch time < 0,1 sec — Passive and Active modes
< 0,015 sec - beacon mode
BatteryRechargeable LiPo 3,7V 2Wh
Operating range5-15 cm, depending of card size and working mode
Operating temperature range .-20°C to 50°C
Size112 x 50 x 15 mm
Weight70 g
Supported standartsISO 15693 (communication), QI (wireless charging)
ColorSemi-transparent green

Price: 59.00 euro.


petal e-card

Card C4, while being soft and absolutely safe, is also tight and lightweight. It provides an operating distance up to 5 cm . Punch process with e-tag is very straightforward. Indeed it is the same as pressing the floor button in elevator!

Brief datasheet:

Functions Competitor’s card, Base station set card
Memory size 122 number & time stamps — start, finish, control points
Operating distance range 5 cm
Operating temperature range . -25°C to 70°C
Size (excl. fastening)80 x 30 x 5 mm
Weight (incl. fastening) 10 g
Color Green with yellow (for private cards) or red (for rental cards)

Price: 6.90 euro.

Readout unit

The readout unit is the base unit U5 completed by standard USB port for communication with a computer. It is provided with the required firmware. The unit is used for data recording (control code, time, function, mode) to base units using e-card, and also for all operations with cards of competitors including data reading after the finish.

Price: 69.00 euro.

Download instruction (pdf) for competitors
Download instruction (pdf) for organizers